OMNIA® Expert Michael DeVellis

With more than 25 years focused on the pro makeup artist industry, Michael DeVellis knows what it takes to make it in makeup - and he knows what tools and products he needs to be personally Zoom and stage ready at a moment's notice. As founder of The Powder Group and On Makeup Magazine, he has curated countless hours of inspirational and educational programming across every genre of makeup artistry, working with hundreds of the industry’s top artists for live and virtual programming. As the author of Ten Words For A Stronger Career, he has taken the stage across the world from Paris to Shanghai, London to Los Angeles, New York to Vancouver to inspire and elevate the pro makeup artist community with that and his other signature TPG programs, Getting Next, Marketing Your Career Now and So You Want To Be A Makeup Artist.


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-200

"I don’t wear a lot of foundation, so the size of the BOM-200 brush makes my application super quick and easy, hitting just the areas I need the coverage in."


"Great brush for getting any areas that need a little tighter attention for foundation coverage or if I am doing any light contouring around my eyes or nose."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-275

"I’m in love with this new brush. It’s just the right size and density to do a quick hit of no color powder to set my foundation and do a quick hit of mattification on those shiny areas on my forehead and chin."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-290

"This is such a beautiful new tool. I use it to brush away stray hairs after I trim my facial hair and also as a quick light retouch for face powder."


"The ultimate brow brush. A total classic. Perfect size, shape and density for color application in the brow and the spooly side is ideal for color touch ups on the grey in my mustache."


"As someone who doesn’t wear a lot of eye makeup or liner, this new must-have is the tool I have always needed to add just a touch of depth around my lash line without looking like I’m wearing makeup."


"The perfect size for those pesky blemishes that need that extra bit of attention. Perfect to add that light touch of spot covering concealer."

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