OMNIA® Artist Dani Richardson

Dani has worked as a Makeup Artist, specialising in Music, Advertising and Entertainment, since the mid 90s. She’s made up a host of well known faces, including the likes of Dita Von Teese, Warpaint and Martin Freeman and on Advertising Campaigns for a long list of household brands such as Stella Artois, Coca Cola, Audi and Playstation. She also works as personal Makeup Artist to Eddie Izzard on his UK and European tours and publicity shoots. Priding herself on adapting her work to the needs of each individual client - whether it be to help them feel and look the best, and most confident version of themselves, or fulfil a creative brief. When given the opportunity to be creative, she is a big fan of colour and takes a lot of her inspiration from fashion and music subcultures of the 20th Century, adding her own modern take.


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-130

"With its beautifully soft filaments and tapered tip, this is the most versatile powder brush in my kit. The tapered point makes it perfect for getting into the eye area and around the nose and T-Zone, for a more targeted application, whilst having a full enough head to powder the whole face quickly, on set, if needed. With the angle of the taper, it’s also a great brush for sculpting the cheekbones and jawline."


"I love working with this foundation brush. The size of the brush makes it perfect for a speedy application, whilst the dense base combined with the tapered tip of the brush provides the perfect traction to create a seamless and natural blend, whether applying a sheer, natural base or a full coverage look."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-225

"Similar to its larger counterpart, the BOM-142, this concealer brush has the perfect combination of density and perfectly tapered fibres to provide just the right coverage and blend when applying concealer to blemishes and around the eye and nose area. It also works really well for applying cream colour to the eyes. Use its flat side to lay down and blend colour over the whole lid, or turned on its side utilising the tip to create a slimmer, more graphic application."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-410

"This is the perfect brush for laying on and blending together bold applications of colour. I’ve been known to do a whole eye look using just one of these brushes, working from the lightest to the darkest shade, blending them together with the fluffy tip of this brush. When I’m touring with Eddie Izzard, I find this the ideal brush to have when doing strong looks for a stage performance, with limited time to provide maximum impact!"


"The long soft hairs and tapered tip make this a great brush for creating a sheer blend of powder product without any hard edges. Whether you are sculpting the contours or the eye socket and sides of the nose, applying a light wash of shadow over the lid, or blending eyeshadow into the socket line. Another extremely versatile brush that can also be used to apply powder or highlighter to very specific areas, to apply a sheer wash of concealer, or even to “haze out” a lip tint, with no hard edges."


"The short, flat and sturdy shape of this brush makes it perfect for getting definition into the lash line. It can apply colour in a very controlled, sharp line, whilst the softness of the fibres enables you to blend out the sharp lines for a smoky look."


"This double ended brush is a kit staple for me. The flat, angled head is firm enough to create soft fluffy hair strokes, but is also soft enough to create a more solid vintage style shape to the brow - whilst the spoolie end can be used with a variety of products to achieve anything from a simple groomed brow to a more extreme brushed out brow look."

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