Recycle Makeup Brushes

If your vanity is becoming cluttered with unused makeup brushes, don't throw them in the trash! In partnership with TerraCycle, we're gathering old and gently used makeup brushes of all brands for recycling. Start the process to learn about how you can send your makeup brushes and get up to 30% off your next purchase.

Acceptable Waste

We're currently accepting makeup brushes of all brands. To prepare the brushes for recycling, rinse them with gentle soap and water to remove excess makeup.

Recycle Now!


What happens after I send my brushes?

Once we fill a Zero Waste Box, we send everything to TerraCycle to be processed.

Reuse & Repurpose

We encourage you to upcycle your makeup brushes and repurpose them in your own life. Please visit our blog for ideas on how to repurpose your makeup brushes!

I'm ready to send my brushes!

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