OMNIA® Artist Chelsea Marie

My name is Chelsea Marie from Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have been a makeup artist for 11 years and a beauty photographer for 3 years. I specialize in many different fields of makeup artistry such as TV, Editorial, Natural Beauty and Bridal. However, I mostly love being creative and allowing people to see the art of beauty through my lens.


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-425

"This brush is perfect for blending eyeshadow with the tip of the soft bristles. By changing the angle and using it from the flat side, it's perfect for patting an eyeshadow on to the lid. "


"This is a staple to my kit! It’s perfect for applying liquids, creams and powders to the skin. I mostly love using this brush to apply and blend contour around the nose or even concealing under the eye. The fluffy filaments allow me to apply and blend within a few strokes. "


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-270

"This brush is super soft! I love to use it to apply and blend a perfect highlight! It is also perfectly shaped to get right underneath the eye when applying powder to set the face."


"Perfect lips and precision is what you will get when using this brush. The long filaments are perfect for applying any lip product. I also use this to apply an editorial glossy eye."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-275

"I love to use this brush for applying a quick and even foundation, cream blush or contour application. With a light tapping motion it blends products so evenly with perfect desired coverage."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-600

"I love how small this brush is! It’s so perfect for blending out a smoked liner and soft enough to gently apply product onto the waterline. This brush also can be used for a detailed lip."


"Although this is the ultimate foundation brush, I really love using this brush for skin prep. This brush creates a perfect pampering massage effect when applying skin prep products. Also large enough for applying a quick body glow to the body."

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