OMNIA® Artist Grant Karpin

Grant Karpin is a pro makeup artist, designer, and model currently based in New York City. They are self-taught in makeup artistry and have always admired its highly transformative effects. Grant is best known for their bold style of editorial artistry that merges into avant-garde and beyond. They often bend traditional beauty norms by incorporating unconventional textures, colors, and facial appliqués in their work. Grant has worked with a variety of brands such as Danessa Myricks Beauty, Kevin Aucoin Beauty, Pacifica, and more. They continue to empower their community through fearless self expression and unapologetic glamour.

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OMNIA® Professional BOM-20

"A must-have for detailed work! Add a beautiful pop of shimmer in the tear duct or smolder out the lashline with the ultra-soft, pointed tip. This brush is also my favorite for pinpoint concealing hyperpigmentation on the skin."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-17

"I LOVE how small yet fluffy this brush is! The shape is perfect for buffing out shadow on the lower lash line or adding a dusting of shimmer to the brow bone. This brush is also ideal for creating a blurred, popsicle stain lip by taking a cream and blending softly around the lip line."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-425

"Truly my Swiss Army Knife brush! Perfect for a soft wash of dimension in the crease or, for packing pigment onto the lid with the paddle shape. I also like to use this brush to diffuse concealer and even strategically place loose setting powder. "


OMNIA® Professional BOM-487

My current reigning ultimate lip brush! The angled edge and long synthetic filaments are perfect for smoothly filling a bold lip. This brush is also fantastic for graphic work on the eye and face! It effortlessly glides with no skipping."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-515

"Ultimate precision! This brush is excellent for tightlining, creating brow hairs, and even an ultra-crisp lip liner with cream products. I love how unique this design is and find myself using it on nearly every face!"


OMNIA® Professional BOM-265

"My top pick when I want to blur and diffuse! I can easily create soft washes of blush, bronzer, or contour with this domed fluffy shape. I love that I can use this brush easily with both cream and powder products in my kit!"


OMNIA® Professional BOM-142

"My skin prep superstar! I love to use this luxuriously dense brush to work serums and oils onto the face and body!"

To learn more about Grant Karpin follow them on Instagram @gkarpinmua or check out their website.