OMNIA® Artist Erin Geddis

Erin is a makeup artist who lives comfortably between Philly and NYC. She is a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician, and has been a makeup artist for 15 years. Editorial, bridal, film, runway, and Special FX are just some of the mediums she works with. She loves to dabble in a bit of everything, because her passion is the art of makeup itself. Raised in a Halloween family, Erin’s love of makeup started in Special FX and grew with her experience and knowledge in the art. Always learning and growing in her passion is something she does every day.

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OMNIA® Professional BOM-251

"Not just a brush for foundation, but also a fantastic brush for skincare. For the perfect light coverages foundation, this is my best friend!"


OMNIA® Professional BOM-110

"This brush is amazing for powder and for getting a bit more detailed when needed. I love the shape and the feel of this brush."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-416

"I use this brush like I do my pinky finger, to add finishing touches or to get the perfect lived-in smudge. This is one of those brushes I like to have multiples of."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-400

"I call this one the finger brush! I love to use my hands when applying makeup, but this brush is like another finger for me. I can use this brush for getting somewhere that my finger can not."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-430

"This is a great little blending brush for the eyes, face, and powder. The shape of it is perfectly fluffy, which really makes it nice to use in those small areas where you may need a strange shape."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-525

"The BOM-525 is a BRUSH DROP! My absolute go to for mascara. It creates such an alluring and natural look without any clumps. Perfect for precise manipulation of the lashes. Super user-friendly; not only for the pros, but perfect for the clients themselves."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-675

"This square brush is fantastic for line work. Especially if you don’t necessarily have a steady hand, but you need a straight line."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-418

"The BOM-418 may just be my absolute favorite - the more unique the shape of the brush, the more I love it! You can do so much with this brush: line work, eye liner, lip liner, lipstick… the detailing options are endless. Especially for someone who does not have a super steady hand - this is the PERFECT brush for you. I love breaking the rules and this brush is “my ride or die” when it comes to it!"

To learn more about Erin Geddis follow her on Instagram @erinmarygeddis or check out her website.