OMNIA® Artist Priscilla Perez

Priscilla Perez is a multi-faceted professional artist from New York City, whose experience in music, art, theatre, photography, and drafting has garnered them work in makeup for over 12 years. Being disciplined in the arts since childhood has bolstered Priscilla to lean into their creativity with ridiculous curiosity.

With their elaborate and eccentric style, Priscilla infuses a custom-blend of references between the ’60s-’00s among music, fashion, tv/film, queer culture, pop culture, and their personal Latin roots from their mental Rolodex to execute their looks. As a visual learner, the constant inundation of these references really pushed Priscilla to rebel artistically.

From an engagement shoot with Rachel Brosnahan, off-beat music videos with NVDES, red carpet moments with Grace Aki, working in cosmetics, tv/film, to body paintings with Laurel Charelston and MILK the drag queen, Priscilla enjoys finessing through multiple makeup mediums because they enjoy all aspects that makeup lends itself to.

Priscilla is currently working in fashion, editorial, runway, e-comm, and production. Among the brands they work for are Oscar de la Renta, BAPE, Heron Preston, Victor Glemaud, PUMA, and Bombas. Along with their makeup work, they are also working in creative direction and photography for their personal projects. Above all else, Priscilla believes in authenticity and is focused on drawing it out in their makeup.

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OMNIA® Professional BOM-240

"I love the balance of density and flexibility in the filaments. It is perfect for working with skin prep, foundation, and bodywork. Plus, the shape really assists with placement, precision, and directing product."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-275

"This brush right here is so agile. She can powder/touch-up, contour, blush, and highlight in a soft and fresh way. The round-tapered shape allows you room to keep working without switching your brush yet."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-187

"BOM-187 is my trusty little paw. Love using it in so many ways - buffing or patting out concealer, softening cream products, creating dimension and shape, blush, setting powder around the nose, and more! Minimal pressure is all you need."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-418

"Honestly, what can’t this brush do? The arrowhead shape really lends itself to a variety of applications for the eye alone, you can do an entire eye look with just this brush. She’s really cute for lip applications, especially when you need precision."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-425

"Another multitasker that is charming, impactful, and can refine the eyes. Great for creating a soft-eye look, buffing out powder and cream shadows, crease and lower lash work, and brow highlight. You can even dry-brush lipstick for a feathery look!"


OMNIA® Professional BOM-435

"She might be tiny, but she is mighty! Obviously great for eye lining, smudging, and inner corner highlighting. Buuut, you can also use it for spot concealing, adding depth to your crease, softening your lip line, or even creating a faux mole!"


OMNIA® Professional BOM-490

"This small, angled liner is my favorite for eye lining, for all eye shapes. Creates a crisp wing, and can be used for filling in brows and for defining lips."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-487

"Truly a brush that will have you using it in so many ways. Perfect for lip prep or lip color, concealer application, but also super fun with creative line work!"

To learn more about Priscilla Perez follow them on Instagram @pree_wee or check out their website.