OMNIA® Artist Tony Tulve

Tony Tulve brings a genderless and distinct approach to beauty, inspired in his youth by trailblazing icons such as David Bowie, Grace Jones, and The New York Dolls. After making his beginnings in the beauty industry at 18 on MAC’s acclaimed artistry team, he carried his gleam-and-grunge approach forward to work with various brands and publications in Los Angeles, New York, and international studios. Tony’s approach honors the vision and spellbinding individuality of various urban subcultures, and values the expression of self, unbound by convention or tradition. He has become a fixture at Fashion Week in New York City, where he is based now. You can often find captures of his work and samples of his know-how in multiple publications, including Schön, Nylon, Refinery 29, and Allure.

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OMNIA® Professional BOM-460

"This slightly tapered and angled brush has become my new favorite multitasker. It perfectly mimics my ring finger with size and pressure, making it a dream to help deposit and stretch any product I use with it. This brush help create seamless edges in both color and complexion."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-430

"What sets this brush apart is the unique tapered shape. The end of the brush comes to a point that can chisel out facial features but is soft enough to blend beautifully. "


OMNIA® Professional BOM-416

"I use this brush like I do my pinky finger, to add finishing touches or to get the perfect lived-in smudge. This is one of those brushes I like to have multiples of."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-270

"Precision is key with powder, and this bush is perfect for that. I don't like to use a lot of powder unless necessary, and this brush allows me to be light with my touch and products."

To learn more about Tony Tulve follow them on Instagram @ttulvemakeup or check out their website.