Aria’s On-Set Artistry Essentials

Aria Ferraro is a native Italian artist currently based in New York City where she produces fine art and works as a professional makeup artist for film and TV. Her beauty and special effects work can be found on Tribeca-nominated feature films, television and programming for well known networks such as CBS, Al Jazeera, National Geographic and companies such as Marvel Entertainment, Adidas and PETA. She has worked with prominent lead actors, journalists, local and national political figures

Aria is a vegan and cruelty-free animal advocate. With her Omnia’s brushes set, she has found the best fusion of quality without having to compromise her ethical values.


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-416

"This brush is optimal for blending pigment on the top of your eyelids and getting into any small area. Its round shape and thickness allows for just enough control and detail, without risking an over saturation of pigment. I like to use it all around the eyes, on the lids or crease. It can also be used for blending any cream in small spots!"


"This brush is one of the most versatile and perfect I own and one is not enough. You can use it to blend powders, eyeshadows, creams, and concealers. Owning one is a must! The oval shape provides control and helps avoid packing product too heavily on the face. When used in circular motions, you can get flawless placement on the skin with an airbrush finish."

"TIP: After applying concealer, I like rolling this brush sideways with a bit of powder so that it can set into the delicate under eye skin"


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-445

"A larger version of the BOM-430, but the same great results. Use it on small areas for concealer, blending or setting."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-498

"Any line, any shadow, bottom of the eye or top lid can be done using this super straight angular brush. The possibilities are endless - need a straight line for a last minute bold lip or a creative eyeliner? You got it!"


"This brush is great for controlling powder placement. The size is great for covering the apple of the cheeks fully, without pigment going over any unwanted places."


"This brush is like a magic wand for medium to large areas. You can use it for foundation, powders, bronzers, highlighters - and you can create an airbrush finish in your look with just the right control. Use circular motions or strokes, with your desired level of pressure- you decide how much product gets on the skin! The results never disappoint me."


"Need coverage of a small to medium area? Use this brush on the t-zone, nose, chin, or precision application to any area of the face. The shape is rounded and the bristles have just the right density to stay put as you place them on the skin."


"If you love detailed work and flawless line application, this brush is easy on your hand. I don’t use it only for eye liners, but also for small blemish coverage or enhancing skin marks if needed."

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To learn more about Aria, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.