OMNIA® Artist Clint Brock - Reloaded

Clint Brock is an educator who specializes in embracing natural beauty. A musician-turned-makeup artist, he is best known for his charismatic teaching style. His work has been featured in numerous beauty campaigns, newspapers, store openings, and television broadcasts, including CNN, FOX, Good Morning America and the Stellar Awards. Brock has spoken at IMATS, IBS, The Makeup Show, Bronner Bros, Philly Beauty Expo, and Howard University. Brock is also a product developer and has not only helped create products many artists rave about and use, but he has also created education materials that are being used across the globe. He hopes to create, inspire, and educate new artistry with each class he teaches.

"This brush set is very dear to me. I wanted to curate a set of brushes to compliment my arsenal (Artist Favorites - Clint Brock Bundle). Some of the shapes may seem slightly similar to those in my first bundle, but they all have a unique twist. As before, I choose brushes with versatility and shapes that represent my style of artistry. The Reloaded bundle is an extension of my artistry that I am so excited to share!"

"When using this selection, think of each shape having endless possibilities. Each brush has so many ways to use them and I encourage you to experiment!"


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-425

"The ultimate for tightlining! I use it for getting super close to the lash line or to apply liner in the water line. My favorite way to use this brush is for brows. I love to create hair-like strokes in a brow. With this tiny brush, you can even clean up the lip line! I like to keep a few of these in my kit!"


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-280

"It’s a mini version of the BOM-180, which is still my all-time favorite foundation brush. I use this one similarly, to blend out concealer and foundation, but I like this one for getting into those harder places my BOM-180 might have trouble reaching. I also like to use this for quick touch-ups and for my liquid and powder products."


"This is my new favorite eyeshadow brush! It’s domed and flat, so you get the best of both. It can be used to blend out a crease or smudge a liner by using the tip of the brush. It can pack on color by laying it flat. It helps create seamless eye looks and by far one of my favorites in the Omnia Professional collection."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-290

"I fell in love with this brush as soon as I saw it. It adds a gentle kiss of product to every application. Great for the client who is afraid to add cheek color. Even better to add additional highlighters to the mix! It’s light enough to build product up, especially for heavy handed artists who want to try a softer application. It forces you to control the amount of product to apply and will help you achieve an airbrush finish."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-275

"When it comes to reverse contouring, I swear by this brush! I love to apply my cream cheek products with it, but I also love to use this for correcting harsh lines in my work using translucent powder to buff and create a more seamless finish."


"This brush can literally do it all. It’s beautiful for cream contours and bronzers and is great for buffing out product. If I feel like my contour needs a boost, I grab this brush because it doesn’t disturb the rest of my makeup."


"I constantly use this brush for liner! I love to stamp liner using the top edge of the brush. It’s a great brush for any artist or anyone who loves makeup! You can use it for a super dope lip brush in a pinch, especially for glosses!"


"If you need a brush that can do it all, look no further! I love this brush to apply wet products, to give that soft glossy finish when I am adding it on top of something. It works great with powders as well, which is why I have several of these in my kit."

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