OMNIA® Artist Ashley West

Ashley West is a bridal beauty specialist, educator, and makeup artist for film and fashion. She has been a part of the beauty industry for 15 years, and an independent artist for 6 years. In that time she has serviced hundreds of brides, been the lead artist for NYFW and Paris Fashion Week. In late 2018, Ashley expanded her resume to film as the Key Makeup Artist for "This is the Year". Since then, she has also worked on other major motion pictures, "I Still Believe", "Map of Tiny Perfect Things", "Lansky", and "About My Father". Along with doing movies, Ashley has also worked on several television shows including, NCIS, 48 Hours, The Cowboy Way, and the upcoming Netflix docuseries "The G Word with Adam Conover". When choosing the brushes for this set, I wasn’t just thinking about my needs as a makeup artist but what someone would need for everyday use. This brush bundle is very versatile and will be all you need to create a full face of makeup.


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-180

"The BOM-180 is my go to foundation brush! It is ultra-soft and feathery, which allows the product to be applied flawlessly. The design of its dome shape easily applies the product from the sheerest hint to a full coverage application by the amount of pressure that is used. Its light and feathery touch does not take away from the density."


"The BOM-105, in my kit, is a transitional brush with dual purpose. Holding it on its side allows for the angle of the brush to glide easily along the contours of your face leaving the perfect contour shape. The design of the angled rounded brush allows a gentle application to the apples of your cheek."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-260

"This brush is super soft! I love to use it to apply and blend a perfect highlight! It is also perfectly shaped to get right underneath the eye when applying powder to set the face."


"The BOM-430 eye brush is perfect for laying down your transition shadow in the delicate crease area with ease, which effortlessly does the blending for you!"


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-415

"I love to use this brush for applying a quick and even foundation, cream blush or contour application. With a light tapping motion it blends products so evenly with perfect desired coverage."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-600

"The BOM-420 pencil brush is a staple for creating an "outer v" smoked out look. The tapered tip picks up the right amount of product and allows a controlled smudge application. The styled design of this brush is used to highlight the inner corner of the eyes giving them that perfect highlighted glow."


"The BOM-456 is the perfect liner brush. This flat chiseled brush creates a precise liner for the eyes. The brush’s softness allows you to blend, smoke, and lay down liners with a clean look."


"The BOM-280 is a multifunctional dome brush that is perfect for blending harsh lines, powdering the t-zone, and setting the face."

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