OMNIA® Artist Brenda Garcia Jaramillo

Brenda Garcia Jaramillo also known as La Bruja Brenda (@labrujabrenda & on Instagram) is a first generation Latina NYC born & based makeup artist, tarot reader and astrologer. Brenda focuses her astrological and tarot practice by helping her clients understand their subconscious emotions and patterns, what drives them, and what they need to nurture themselves to show up and live their lives boldly, bravely, and beautifully.

Brenda has worked with brands such as Estée Lauder, Clinique, NARS Cosmetics, Cle de Peau, KISS & Live Tinted and has assisted on campaigns for fashion houses Oscar De La Renta and Monse.

Brenda attributes her passion for makeup artistry to her Libra Ascendent which loves beauty, harmony and making people feel comfortable in her chair, which is why she is known for bringing out the best in a person’s complexion with radiant, glowing skin. Meanwhile, her love for audacious, edgy and luxe aesthetics, she credits her Scorpio Moon. You can find her on set with a client explaining how the current cosmic transits are affecting their love life while touching up their lip color or having models pull tarot cards while she interprets them during the skincare prep for their makeup. Her love of astrology and magick fuse with her passion for beauty and aesthetics creating her signature Glamcraft.

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OMNIA® Professional - BOM-418

"Innovative & dynamic. This is one of my must have multi-purpose brushes! The width and "just right" Goldilocks softness allow me to apply lip color on any lip shape or even pack cream based eyeshadows on the lid while the pointed edges of this brush allow me to apply gel liner, brow, or lip products with crisp precision. "


OMNIA® Professional BOM-487

"Fluid and uniquely shaped. This brush sends me on an artistic journey because it glides lip product and applies gel liner and cream shadow so seamlessly I feel like a painter working on canvas. It glides so easily, I want to keep going with my lines so I save that for more editorial moments on set."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-460

"Dense with an edge. This brush was an instant favorite because its density allows for coverage and intense pigment if you need to pack on eye primer or shadow but also works wonders for concealer or spot touch ups on the complexion. Its angled shape also lends itself to blending and deepening a color in the crease area. If I had to do an eye look with a single brush, I'd keep this one handy!"


OMNIA® Professional BOM-505

"Fluffy & angled. I love how this beautifully applies color all over the lid when swept across the eye but because of its fluffy angled edge can also softly diffuse colors into the crease area."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-260

"A petite multi-purpose gem. Personally, I love this brush for applying concealer or adding more coverage in pinpoint spots on the complexion but I have also used it for packing bright color onto the eyelid."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-270

"The devotion I have to this brush could be considered spiritual. Its shape and softness focused in its center allows for the perfect powder setting application. I love a complexion that looks healthy and hydrated so I don't like to over-powder the skin and this brush is perfect for focusing on the hot spots for skin like under the eyes, around the nose, forehead and chin. It is also beautiful for highlighting the skin with a soft glow."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-175

"My go-to complexion brush. I love to gently buff foundation into the skin with this brush to give coverage without having to apply full-coverage formulas. This shape also lends itself to other cream textures! I've loved this brush for cream blush and bronzer that I've used alone or mixed in with foundation to give a very natural finish to the skin. "


OMNIA® Professional BOM-120

"This brush is in every set of brushes I carry because it's ideal for any kind of powder application. I love it for setting & finishing powders but it definitely is the star of the show for blush, bronzing or contour powder applications because of the way the angle hugs the cheekbone. "

To learn more about Brenda, follow her on Instagram @labrujabrenda & or check out her  website.