OMNIA® Artist Tami Bernard

Tami Bernard is a freelance professional makeup artist who is an educator and specializes in bridal makeup. She is known for making her clients look breathtaking. Using her own techniques and small brushes helps her to achieve skin that looks beautiful and evenly blended, as though she is using a magnifying glass. Tami has been trained in Los Angeles, New York, and New Orleans. Tami has created a team of artists that work with her to keep up with the demand of the ever-growing wedding industry. Tami has been on the professional fast track the past six years – she’s been the lead artist at the Paris, New York, and Los Angeles Fashion weeks, featured on the cover of California Wedding Day Magazine, featured in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, lead artist on a short film, feature film, and TV pilot, and is proud to be a presenter for The Powder Group Bridal Events, Brand Summit, and the International Salon & Spa Expo. In April of 2022, Tami and her business partner Ashley West will be launching their own Bridal & Beauty School of Makeup, an all-inclusive makeup school that will be made available to professionals and beginners in many states.

I am so excited and honored to share my brush picks with you! Most everyone that sits in my chair asks me what my favorite brushes are, and it’s so easy to talk about when you truly love Omnia Pro Brushes! I really put a lot of thought into my selection, not only for the professional makeup artists, but for my clients, friends, and family.


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-260

"The filaments of this mini-domed brush are super soft yet dense, which gives me a lot of control over the amount of product I am using. I use this brush for cream foundation and stipple it into the skin; it does not streak or smear, just melts like butter! This brush also works great with liquid foundation, cream blush, and cream contours."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-280

"This brush is amazing! As soon as I use the smaller BOM-260 brush, I immediately go over my foundation application with this brush and lightly buff it until all the lines are blended. It gives the illusion of just being airbrushed. I will also use this brush after I use a cream contour, it beautifully blends and gets right under the cheekbone and softens around the face."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-175

"This brush is perfect for powder application! It’s small but exactly the right size and shape to apply powder blush and contour beautifully!"


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-460

"What can’t you do with this brush? This brush is a workhorse! It’s small and soft with a little bit of density that is angular. I will use it to get into small, detailed areas with the foundation, buff out the eyelid primer, it’s perfect for color correcting and it will softly blend concealer under the eye, and the angle is perfect for sculpting cream contour. However, this brush isn’t just for creams, it’s fantastic with powder eyeshadows as well to get into the crease and outer v of your eye to smoke out the color."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-445

"You will see this blending brush in almost every artist’s bundle. There is a reason…it’s perfect! I use this brush to blend my eyeshadow, it’s the perfect size to get into the crease without too much product. It is perfect to add a little highlighter and not overdo it. When working with oily skin, I will use this brush after I prep the skin with a little bit of powder before I start the makeup application."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-490

"I use this small angle brush a few different ways. First, I will use it to draw super fine hairs into the brows with brow powder. I use it to apply eyeliner, either with a gel liner (create my own eyeliner with aqua seal and eyeshadow). It’s also the perfect size to contour the nose with super fine detail. I always finish with this brush using a little bit of foundation to clean up around the lips to make them perfect and precise."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-447

"This little magic brush is terrific! I use it on its flat side to put on both cream and powder eyeshadows. Then I will turn it on its side and use it to get right into the crease and use it to smoke out the liner."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-601

"This brush is a must-have! I use this tapered brush to put on the eye primer, it allows me to get right into the corner and right up against the lash line. Many of my clients have lash extensions, so I need to be very precise with the primer so I do not ruin their lashes; I can get that concealer right up in the corner of the eye; it’s also fabulous to use on the lips and to clean up around the lips to give them a super clean line. This brush also does a great job of smudging the eyeliner. This is the perfect detail brush!"

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