Enhancing Natural Beauty with Leah Bailey

My name is Leah Bailey and I am a professional makeup artist whose love affair with all things beauty stretches back to my childhood. I have freelanced as an artist in various arenas from runway to bridal, and taught makeup mastery for several luxury brands. The driving force in my career has been my ability to change the course of someone’s day, their mood, and even their life with the power of makeup. I’m a believer that true beauty is already present, and that real artistry is the process of enhancing and spotlighting that ever-present beauty in everyone.


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-120

"This is truly a do-it-all brush! From liquids to creams to powders, this brush literally does it all and does it all well. I can be confident applying any formula with this brush!"


"This is the only brush I apply concealer with! The shape is perfect for safe application under the eye as well as spot concealing all over the face. It simultaneously stipples and blends product for a seamless finish!"


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-130

"Because who can live without a big ole powder brush!? This brush is so incredibly soft and it’s the perfect size and taper for all over face powder and even liquid highlight application. I also love to use it for applying setting powder to the under eye. It can also be used to buff in products on the bawdy as well. Multipurpose is an understatement for this one!"


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-37

"I call this my “all things cheeks” brush! It’s a dream to apply powder bronzer, contour, blush, and highlight with this brush and I never have to worry about being too heavy handed. It diffuses and disperses powder products in a way that allows you to build steadily without the finish coming out too harsh."


"I love using this brush to contour the nose and lips and to softly map out the crease of the eye. The filaments move with your hand in such a way that product placement is natural and buildable every time."


"You won’t know how resourceful this brush is until you try it! I love using it to apply eye primer and cream and liquid eye products. I also use it to blend powder shadows and diffuse liner. This brush is also amazing for spot touch ups and fixing mistakes. I find a new way to use it almost daily."


"The only liner brush you need! From winged liner newbies to the artist that can cut a crease sharper than a tiger tooth, this brush gets it done! Fun fact: it also applies lip products like a dream!"

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