Diversity in Beauty with Rachel Rose Mazza

Rachel Rose Mazza is an Atlanta-based makeup artist who has a passion for celebrating diversity in her makeup. She strongly believes beauty is genderless, timeless, and truly has no boundaries. Rachel works in a broad range of spaces including editorial, special events, bridal, film, and SFX makeup. Her editorial work has been featured in and graced the covers of magazines worldwide including Harpers Bazaar UK, iMirage magazine, and many more. Rachel loves teaching and education and recently was a brand educator at The Virtual Makeup Show. Her passions for makeup, comedy, community, and education have led her to host a weekly makeup industry-focused podcast “Lipstick Biddies


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-180

"My go-to brush for complexion! The brush deposits product evenly and is super soft, blends like a dream. The density of the bristles makes it easy to control the level of coverage without looking cakey. I love the beautiful airbrushed finish it gives to your makeup!."


"This brush does it all! The soft synthetic fibers feel incredible on my clients while applying skincare and it doesn’t waste product. I love using this brush to apply body glow, body lotions, and body paint to large areas quickly and efficiently. The cut of the brush also hugs the face to apply cream contour with ease. "


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-275

"This fluffy tapered brush is the right shape and size for targeted powder application and contouring. By angling the brush in different ways you can cover large or small areas with just a few swipes and with a light touch!."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-510

"This precision angled brush is ideal for brow-perfecting and smoothly applying eyeliner. The dense spoolie on the opposite end makes mascara application effortless and more eco-friendly than single-use applicators. The size is also perfect for brow soaps and waxes to create a fluffy or laminated brow, which I’ve been loving!"


"This unique doe foot-shaped brush is amazing for applying eyeshadow to the eye crease. Flip the brush around to the tapered end to smudge out a smokey eye or get in hard-to-reach areas. The shape and dense bristles also mimic using your fingers, which makes it easy to apply and blend under eye concealer and spot concealing. "


"The perfectly sized shader brush to fit all eye shapes and sizes to densely pack color on the eyelid! Even though it’s a smaller size, it still holds a substantial amount of product and applies glitter with minimal fallout. "


"My favorite eyeshadow fluffy blending brush and most versatile brush in my arsenal. You can quickly apply a wash of color or softly blend out the crease with the tapered shape. The size is perfect for setting the under eye with powder. I also love using this brush to apply targeted highlights to the brow bones, cheeks, shoulders, and collarbones."

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