On-Set Versatility with Sara Ann

My name is Sara Ann and I’ve been doing makeup for 8 years. I discovered my passion for makeup at a very low time in my life. I began watching YouTube videos and found a sense of happiness in transforming myself with makeup and even body paint. From there I decided to pursue doing makeup on people outside of my friends and family and journeyed through working retail, haunted houses, weddings, and photoshoots. Finally, my first film opportunity arose and from there I was hooked! I’ve loved the freedom film as afforded me and every new project feels like a new job. I am fortunate enough to be hired for straight and corrective makeup, extreme glam, light makeup effects, and full prosthetic makeups. I honestly couldn’t choose just one genre to do for the rest of my career but keeping your skills honed for each category is no easy task. I’m currently on Dynasty doing full glam makeup. Soon, I have a horror film coming out, called Son, that I did all of the makeup effects on.


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-49

"This brush HAS to be the smallest on the market. I love this for tight-lining the upper eyelid, placing color on the waterline, getting eyeliner right at the lash line, and of course, as described, you can use it for the brows."


"My favorite blending brush! The bristles are SO soft and it’s a great size for any eye shape and any eye size to create a soft blend or place a light wash of shadow over the lid."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-187

"I love putting on foundation or concealer with a fluffier brush. I feel it gives more of that airbrush finish that we’re all after. This one is the perfect size for spot correction and under eyes. If I’m going for a full foundation application, I reach for a slightly larger version of this brush, BOM-186."

BOM- 130:

OMNIA® Professional - BOM-130

"Another super soft brush! This one you can use all over the face, whether it’s blush, bronzer, highlight, setting powder. I love the pointed tip that lets you get a more precise application when wanted."


"I love this for under-eye concealer and any problem spots on the face. Soft enough to give a nice diffused look but can still carry a lot of product. This would also be great for cheek highlight if you used it in a figure 8 motion on the high points of the cheek."


"The perfect lip brush! This has a nice tapered tip to define the Cupid’s bow. It’s also a great brush to lay down an eye primer or base."


"This angled liner brush is my fave! Great for brows but thin enough to get you precise eyeliner and create stunning cat eyes."

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