Pro’s Guide to Holiday Gifting ft. Kelsee Briana Jai

The 2020 holiday season is upon us! With this whirlwind of a year coming to a wrap, professional artist, beauty educator, and influencer extraordinaire, Kelsee Briana Jai rounds up must-have OMNIA® sets for the ultimate holiday treat. From the immaculate presentation of our sleek packaging to the premium artisan craftsmanship of our brushes, OMNIA® assures you will seize it all!

OMNIA® Gold 13PC Wrap

"These brushes are BEAUTIFUL! I love gold. Just look at them... There’s a nice range of brush shapes here so you can do your entire face in one set."

OMNIA® Rose Gold 13PC Wrap Kit

"I love a good rose gold finish and I think that they kill it in the way that they design and have everything be rose gold from the ferrule to the handle. I think that is beautiful."

OMNIA® Professional 13PC Wrap Kit

"This set was curated with the professional artist in mind but this can also be utilized by non-professional makeup artists who are looking for a professional makeup application, so don’t let that name intimate you."

Artist Favorites

"These sets are real treats because these are artist favorites… I loovvee, love, love, love that we’re able to take a peek into what tools they would select to have in their professional kits. As a professional makeup artist, I know how personal a makeup artist tool belt is because it’s everything that you need to curate the looks that you’re going to do." Bundles shown in the video curated by: Christina Vida & David Gilmore. Shop all Artist Favorite Bundles.

OMNIA® Professional & Rose Gold collections feature vegan OMNILUX™ filaments. OMNILUX™ utilizes micro-technology to create a surface the synthetic filament that replicates natural hair.“It feels very similar to how a natural-hair brush does and it also performs similarly as well; so all of these brushes can be used with powder, liquid, or cream and that’s the beauty of having this type of bristle.”