Glowing Skin with Kristen Marie

Kristen is a make-up artist in British Columbia, Canada. She has been interested in make-up since she was 8 years old. Her career began with her high school theatre class. She ran the theatre make-up department for a few years before pursuing her beauty career in the big city. Her education includes diplomas from Blanche MacDonald and Vancouver Film School. Realizing her passion leaned more toward beauty over special effects, she moved to Toronto and focused on Bridal Makeup & Hair on weekends and commercial work during the week. Since moving back to her hometown she's created a beauty business that encompasses her love for makeup and skincare.

What is special about the OMNIA® Professional line for me?

These brushes make my job so much easier! They are super functional and imitate real hair brushes better than anything else I've used. The handles are super comfortable to hold and don't slip at all. Another benefit of the OMNILUX™ fibres is that I can use them for powder or cream with no worries. And of course, they are vegan, which is super great for my eco-conscious clients.


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-270

"I love this brush for blending edges or applying highlighter. It's super light and fluffy, so it's easy to get small amounts of product precisely where I want it."


"This brush is so great for setting under the eyes. The dense bristles pick up a lot of product and allow you to pack it on when needed."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-510

"What a workhorse this brush is! A definite must-have for anyone who loves the full-coverage look. However, I reach for this brush most often when applying skincare and underpainting using my favorite cream highlighters."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-186

"This is a favourite for cream and powder blush. The shape and super soft bristles make it go on like a dream. Plus you can use the edge of it for contour work!"


"This is the best all over shadow brush. You can really pack on the product if needed or use it to blend in concealer for a flawless application. In a pinch, it's big enough to set under-eye makeup as well."


"This detail brush is great to line the bottom lid or apply a cat-eye shape on the upper lid. It's dense enough to pack on the product but also soft enough to blend it out. It's super gentle so it's not uncomfortable or pokey when you're working right up in the lash line."


"I use this brush for powder and overall blending. It's big enough to cover large areas and the softness of the bristles doesn't leave brush marks. It is lovely to use for an all-over bronzed look. As a bonus, the soft brushes are like a face massage, it's very luxurious for my clients!"

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