OMNIA® Artist Kelly Mazzini

Kelly was born and raised in Queens, NY, a borough known for its diversity and culture. A true New York City girl, she fell in love with art and fashion at a young age. Drawing and painting became her first means of self-expression. It wasn't until high school that she truly began to love makeup and its ability to enhance and transform. Makeup became her new favorite medium, taking her artistic ability from the canvas to the face.

Even while pursuing another career in the non-profit sector, working in the areas of HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, education research, and at the United Nations, she was pulled back into makeup artistry, immersing herself in New York’s pro makeup community. Today, Kelly is “making it at home” as she calls it, working in the areas of beauty, fashion, and television. Her clean beauty makeup, attention to detail, and work ethic have led her to work alongside artists such as Dick Page, James Vincent, Bethany Townes, and Vincent Oquendo, as well as some of the most iconic brands in the world, most notably Pat McGrath Labs and NARS. A lover of her makeup community, Kelly has also worked in event production and artist relations for The Powder Group. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and speaks fluent Spanish.



"The only brush with natural hair in my bundle—great for blending eyeshadow, diffusing shadow in the crease, and even dragging shadows to create shape on the eye. This brush is also great for setting small areas of the face with powder."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-175

"One of my favorites to apply foundation, blush, and add structure to the face. I also use it to apply powder when I can’t find my BOM-265 fast enough!"


OMNIA® Professional BOM-265

"I love this brush for precise powder application, powder highlight, and diffusing any harsh lines."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-416

"I constantly use this brush to lay down eyeshadow, smudge eyeshadow and create a soft diffused lip."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-430

"Perfect for blending out eyeshadow. I also love it for applying concealer and powder to the delicate area under the eye."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-435

"Perfect to smudge the upper and lower lash lines, drag eyeliner to create shape. I will also use this to place highlight in small areas like the inner corner of the eyes, cupid’s bow, and nose bridge."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-498

"This brush is not only great for winged eyeliner and precise lines but also to fill in brows and create a beautiful, precise lip."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-515

"A multi-tasker! This is perfect for drawing in eyebrow hairs, tightlining, and smudging out eyeliner. The small shape of this brush is also great for cleaning up eyeliner and the lip line. I also love it for the precise application of highlight on the cupid’s bow."

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