Deepti Sheladia's Bridal Beauty Must-Haves

Deepti is a freelance makeup artist based in the tri-state area. She has worked in beauty, editorial, runway, commercial, and film, and her passion is running her own bridal makeup business. She loves to work with colors inspired by her Indian culture and enjoys creating makeup looks that are bright, cheerful, and bold. Her work has been featured alongside several brands including H&M, Urban Outfitters, Allure Magazine, Daughters of Simone, and more. When she isn’t working, Deepti can be found tending to her vegetable garden, taking classes on new makeup techniques, or creating vision boards for her next photo shoot.


“This brush is perfect for buffing out foundation and cream products without leaving brush strokes. The shape allows you to get into all the curves of the face and the synthetic fibers are just the perfect density to help create an airbrushed effect.”

BOM 120:

“If you need to sculpt or bronze your face, this is the brush for it. I use this angled brush when I need to carve out a face because it fits perfectly into the contours of the face to distribute the product exactly where I need it and then buff upwards. This is also my go-to for cream blushes.”


“The BOM-110 is the most versatile powder brush I have ever used. It applies just the right amount of powder. I love this brush for bronzer and blush because it diffuses out product effortlessly. The bristles on this brush are so incredibly soft, it makes for a luxurious experience for all of my clients.”


“If I was given the task of using only one brush to do a complete makeup application, this is the one I would grab for. I have used this brush for almost everything including concealer, highlighter, blush, bronzer, setting powder, and I also use the tapered end to blend out eyeshadows in the crease of the eye. The BOM-270 simply does it all while also giving you full control over product placement.”


“I always gravitate towards brushes that are multipurpose and this one could be considered a Swiss Army Knife for makeup artists. The flat, pointed shape is perfect for packing on eyeshadow and concealer while the angled edges are also amazing for brows or a smoked-out eyeliner. I also love using this brush for lipstick and creating a sharp lip line. If I need to pack glitter or pigments onto the eyelid, the flat, pointed shape allows for precise placement and gives me complete control. The bristles are also easy to clean with brush soap and don’t get stained from lipsticks, which is a huge bonus!”


“Everyone needs a good blending brush and this one is my absolute favorite. I use it to blend out and diffuse eyeshadows on the lid, add depth in the crease, and even blend out a nose contour. This brush is a must-have for my touch up kit since it comes in very handy for quick under eye setting and is the perfect brush on set for blending out any creasing in the makeup.”


“When doing very detailed work, this thin liner brush is what I reach for first. I use it to paint on the perfect sharp winged liner. The handle is comfortable to use which prevents my linework from skipping on the skin.”

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