Carmilla Shares the Best Brushes for Natural Beauty

Carmilla is a NY-based makeup artist and hairstylist who enjoys creating characters for the big screen and enhancing the natural beauty of her everyday clients. She has been in the industry for over ten years and her vast experience, combined with training by some of the industry’s most highly regarded professionals, has led her to work with clients such as Allure/Glamour, J. P. Morgan Chase, Bausch and Lomb, Regal Films, Mented Cosmetics, and many more. Her work has been seen in several magazines, print/online catalogues, fashion shows, newspapers, television shows, on celebrities, and the list is growing. When she is not on set, she is furthering her makeup education, traveling around the world, and enjoying life.


“This is my all-time favorite! It’s perfect in every way! I grab this brush for blush, bronzer, contour, under the eye, around the nose, all over the face, and even highlighting. You can’t go wrong using this brush!”


“One of my favorite multi-tasking brushes next to the BOM-110! I use this for all-over face powder or bronzer. The bristles are soft with a feathery touch and flexible so I don’t run the risk of over-powdering.”


“This is the best foundation brush on the market! I use this brush for cream and liquid foundation. It not only gives me the coverage I am looking for, but I can also easily build coverage. It also does not absorb product so it’s amazing!”


“When it comes to working under the eye, I always opt for small detail brushes and the BOM-215 is perfect for under eye concealer. I use the edge of the brush to get right into the inner corner of the eye and then rotate the brush to blend out to the outer corner of the under eye.”


“I love this brush for a seamless blend of eyeshadow. It can also be used as a small powder brush for under the eye; too much powder in that area can make the eyes look older, so always start off with a small brush and strategically place powder.”


“This is my go-to brush to apply nose contour. Then I buff it in with the BOM-430!”


“This is my favorite brush for eyeshadow placement and also can be used for concentrated amounts of pigment placement as well.”

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