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Never miss a detail with this precision-focused 5-piece set. The unique shape of each brush was expertly designed to specialize in creating fluid linework and delicate details. The vegan, synthetic Omnilux™ filaments allow for superior pick up and release of powders, liquids, and creams.

OMNIA® PROFESSIONAL is the next-generation of professional makeup brushes. Each brush uses 100% Omnilux filaments: a revolutionary new vegan synthetic hair produced using patented nanotechnology, where each hair filament is manipulated at the molecular level to be superior to natural hair. Omnilux filaments are super-soft in feel and engineered with superior tips to provide the ultimate application with every stroke. Every brush is handcrafted to perfection, creating the finest brush possible, exceeding all expectations.

This kit includes:

  • BOM-475:
    Design distinct lines with this eyeliner brush, which features an angled ferrule for exact application. The synthetic bristles can be used with wet or dry product to achieve endless eye looks and smoothly apply liner to the delicate eye area.
  • BOM-510:
    This brow and lash tool is dual-sided and works well for a variety of applications. Shape and groom brows and lift lashes with the gentle spoolie. Use the angled end to define and fill in brows, creating hair-like strokes with a brow powder, gel, or pomade.
  • BOM-515:
    This uniquely-shaped detail brush is perfect to shape and define brows in small, hair-like strokes or can be used to tightline the eyes with ease. The short, synthetic hair precisely defines, yet is incredibly gentle on the delicate eye area.
  • BOM-487:
    Get long, fluid lines with this unique liner brush. The long filaments are angled to smoothly drag a line in one long motion and work best with liquid liner.
  • BOM-650:
    Carve out a super precise lip with this special brush, designed with a slight curve to fit the contours of the lips for incredibly easy and fluid application.
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