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Expand your professional collection with these 12 specialty Omnia brushes, designed with body painters and special effects artists in mind.

OMNIA® PROFESSIONAL is the next-generation of professional makeup brushes. Each brush uses 100% Omnilux filaments: a revolutionary new vegan synthetic hair produced using patented nanotechnology, where each hair filament is manipulated at the molecular level to be superior to natural hair. Omnilux filaments are super-soft in feel and engineered with superior tips to provide the ultimate application with every stroke. Every brush is handcrafted to perfection, creating the finest brush possible, exceeding all expectations.

This kit includes:

  • BOM-125:
    Gently apply blush, contour, and setting powder with this small pointed powder brush. The softly tapered tip gives precise control and deposits color in light layers.
  • BOM-135:
    Dramatically sculpt the face and body with this narrow and dense flat top brush. The smooth filaments are great for liquid, cream, or powder and provide excellent control.
  • BOM-140:
    Easily apply makeup and body paint to large areas of the face and body with this dense, flat top brush. The large surface area smoothly applies and blends any liquid or cream makeup.
  • BOM-186:
    This plush, paddle-shaped brush has smooth, dense filaments, perfect for complexion makeup. Easily blend blush, contour, and foundation into the skin for a beautifully blurred finish.
  • BOM-187:
    Grab this small, paddle-shaped brush for detailed complexion work. Ultra-soft filaments perfectly contour the nose, precisely apply blush, and blend out concealer.
  • BOM-240:
    Carve out a dramatic contour or precisely apply foundation with this sharply angled foundation brush. The small head can get into detail areas of the face while the long filaments ensure makeup goes on smoothly.
  • BOM-270:
    Lay down precise powder and highlight with this tapered yet fluffy brush. With a soft point and small paddle shape, this brush can get into detail areas easily for a totally seamless look.
  • BOM-401:
    This unique shader comes to a soft point for detail work in the crease, but is large enough to define eyes with just a few sweeps, making it a versatile kit staple.
  • BOM-417:
    This smooth eye brush is perfect for applying cream or liquid eye product, packing on glitter, or carving out a cut crease. The gently pointed tip gives complete control over product placement for precision eye work.
  • BOM-418:
    Grab this tiny, tapered brush for ultra-precise spot concealing and color correction. The smooth filaments won’t tug at the skin, even in the delicate eye and nose areas.
  • BOM-487:
    Get long, fluid lines with this unique liner brush. The long filaments are angled to smoothly drag a line in one long motion and work best with liquid liner.
  • BOM-650:
    Carve out a super precise lip with this special brush, designed with a slight curve to fit the contours of the lips for incredibly easy and fluid application.
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