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OMNIA® Artist Favorites - Ashley Vieira 7pc Bundle

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Discover OMNIA® Professional through the eyes of working makeup artists. We’ve put together bundles based on their personal favorites, so you can achieve flawless makeup and learn new techniques. Be sure to read each artist’s blog for tips and tricks!

This exclusive assortment features six OMNIA® Professional brushes that have been hand-selected by professional makeup artist Ashley Vieira. All OMNIA® Artist Favorite Bundles also include a bonus brush wrap!

OMNIA® Artist Ashley Vieira

Ashley Vieira is a professionally trained makeup artist in Toronto, Ontario and has worked in many different areas of the industry. Ashley's passion, though, is body painting and using vivid colours. Read more about Ashley in our blog.

I love just how soft OMNIA® brushes are! I get compliments all the time from people sitting in my chair. I also love how affordable they are. I don't like spending a lot of money on brushes - from my experience, expensive doesn't always mean better. It's great to be able to recommend affordable brushes, especially to those who don't spend a lot of money on their personal makeup products. It's nice to be able to recommend a quality brand for the same amount or only a few dollars more. Finally, the black, Silk-Touch™ handles are both professional and comfortable, suited for any job.”

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    This smaller, dense, dome-shaped brush meticulously blends complexion makeup into small areas of the face. Its narrow shape also makes it perfect for contouring.


    “When I first picked up this brush, I automatically started using it for touch-ups on set, specifically for under the eyes. For me, it's the perfect size and not too flexible like some powder brushes. I find powder brushes can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for touch-ups, so this brush tends to be my go-to.”


    Blend shadows gently into the crease for added definition.


    “I love using this brush for applying eyeshadows. It's a great size because I don't have to use a lot of product to achieve the look. I really enjoy using this to blend into the crease as well. This is also my go-to brush for applying a soft glow on the face (ex: lower eyebrow area, cheeks, or, if I'm feeling adventurous, above the upper lip to help pop the lips a bit more).”


    Smoke out the upper and lower lash lines with these extra short filaments.


    “Very rarely do I use a crease brush but when I do, I use the BOM-402. I like that this brush is able to help me achieve a subtle, yet sexy smokey eye. Nothing too dramatic or overwhelming! I like to team this one up with BOM-430 to get an evened-out look.”


    Apply a concentrated, dazzling highlight to the face for a radiant look.


    “This brush is my favourite for highlighting cheeks. I also like using this for subtle contouring. It picks up the right amount of product and blends easily, which makes my natural makeup looks that much easier to achieve.”


    Ideal for creating clean, precise lines, this small-sized brush features a narrow, angled edge.


    “I love this one for a tight eyeliner, enhancing a liner, or even filling in thinner areas in brows. I find a lot of brushes are a bit wider and sometimes not the best fit for all eyebrows. This one is a fantastic alternative if you have someone with thinner brows that don't require a lot of product.”


    This dynamic brush allows for meticulous contour and concealer application.


    “Very rarely do I like to use beauty brushes for body painting because I like to keep them separate. However, I do like having this one in my kit as an emergency "paint" brush if a surprise request comes in and I don't have my body painting kit with me. It has saved me in a few situations!”

Also Includes the OMNIA® Brush Wrap


  • Professional Artist Quality

    OMNIA offers the highest quality, most technologically advanced brushes using only the finest materials. Sturdy chrome-plated brass ferrules hold the luxurious filaments in place, and the watch handle is made from high-impact water-resistant acrylic and coated in a tubbed Silk-Touch finish for added comfort and grip.

  • Exclusive Omnliux™ Filaments

    OMNIA Professional brushes use 100% Omnliux™ filaments, a revolutionary vegan synthetic hair produced using patented nanotechnology where each filament is manipulated at the molecular level to be superior to natural hair., Omnliux™ filaments are super-soft in feel and engineered with superior tips to provide the ultimate application with every stroke.

  • OMNIA® Guarantee

    Our Omnia® line is handmade by master craftsmen for the ultimate brush experience. We stand behind OMNIA® quality and will replace any brush that does not perform to the highest standard for up to two years.

  • Handcrafted to Perfection

    Every brush is handmade by only the most skilled artisans for a truly remarkable performance and unparalleled craftsmanship. We have consulted with hundreds of artists to make brushes that will stand up to the rigors of everyday use by enthusiasts and professionals, refining our designs every step of the way.