Royalty Red Terms & Conditions

By submitting this application for the Royalty Red® Pro Discount (“Royalty Red®”) with Royal Brush Manufacturing, Inc (“Royal Brush”), you are bound by the terms of this agreement. When registering, you must provide complete & accurate information. The terms and conditions of this agreement will begin once your registration is complete and will end when your account has been terminated.

  • You agree that:
    • Any products purchased as part of Royalty Red® will be used in a connection with your work as a professional makeup artist and will not be resold or used by others.
    • You will refrain from disclosing private information about Royal Brush, it’s products, or the Royalty Red program.
    • Royal Brush will send you promotional emails and/or text messages.
  • Royalty Red® members:
    • Member must be logged into Royalty Red® account at time of checkout;
    • Members will receive a 40% off of MSRP when purchasing;
    • May receive additional discounts on qualifying orders;
    • May receive exclusive promotions and product offerings;
    • May qualify to teach and demonstrate at workshops and trade shows internationally;

Royal Brush reserves the right to re-evaluate your membership at any time. Terms and conditions of program may change at any time at the sole discretion of Royal Brush. Royalty Red® Membership can be immediately revoked at the sole discretion of Royal Brush.