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Effortlessly create superb makeup looks with this 8-piece OMNIA® Professional set. These 8 vegan brushes are handcrafted with synthetic Omnilux™ filaments and are must-have tools for detailed blending with cream, liquid, or powder products.

OMNIA® PROFESSIONAL is the next-generation of professional makeup brushes. Each brush uses 100% Omnilux filaments: a revolutionary new vegan synthetic hair produced using patented nanotechnology, where each hair filament is manipulated at the molecular level to be superior to natural hair. Omnilux filaments are super-soft in feel and engineered with superior tips to provide the ultimate application with every stroke. Every brush is handcrafted to perfection, creating the finest brush possible, exceeding all expectations.

This kit includes:

  • BOM-430:
    A professional kit staple and must-have, this perfectly-sized eye brush can apply shadows gently into the crease for added definition, blend colors together, and add highlights to the brow bone and inner corner.
  • BOM-460:
    Create bold definition in the crease and outer corners of the eyes with this perfectly angled eye brush. Its density makes it perfect to apply and blend cream shadows, sweep a wash of color over the lid, or deepen the crease.
  • BOM-425:
    Lightly lay down color, soften edges, and blend shadow with this ultra-soft brush. Its small, flat shape also makes it ideal for setting concealer in small areas of the face without disturbing the makeup underneath.
  • BOM-416:
    This brush is perfect for adding finishing touches or applying shadow along the lash line. Add glitter, shimmers, or gloss on top of shadows, or highlight the inner corner of the eye with this small eye brush.
  • BOM-421:
    Create a bold, smoky look by smudging liner and shadows with the softly pointed tip. This multipurpose brush can also define the crease and create the perfect “v” shape in the outer corner of the eye.
  • BOM-402:
    Create endless smoky eye looks and definition, smudging liner or shadow along the lash lines and in the crease. The dense, synthetic filaments are fine tipped, allowing accurate precision.
  • BOM-429:
    This little eye makeup powerhouse is a kit staple due to its uncommon size. Small, fluffy, and also tapered, this eye brush can be used for everything from highlighting the inner corner to blending small areas of shadow to diffusing even the tiniest of lines.
  • BOM-435:
    The soft and expertly tapered filaments on this small brush allow for flawless, detailed smudging at the lash line without tugging or irritation. The synthetic filaments can also work with all types of product for ultimate versatility.
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