Skincare Meets Artistry: Caitlin Eve

Caitlin Eve is a professional makeup artist based in Los Angeles. Caitlin began her career in all things beauty in 2004 as an esthetician. Her love for healthy skin ultimately led her to a combined career in makeup and esthetics, fully leaping into the freelance makeup world in 2016. As a makeup artist, her approach to beauty is centered around flawless skin that enhances natural bone structure. Working in a variety of areas within the makeup industry, her career has led her to projects for film/television, commercial campaigns, and the red carpet.

What is special about the Omnia Professional line for you?

“Once I was introduced to the Omnia Professional line, there was no going back. These brushes are a game changer and have become a kit staple. I reach for these brushes on every job!

The OmniLux Synthetic Filaments are designed to grab and lay product down in such a beautiful way, the skin always looks airbrushed and flawless. Their versatility is unmatched, as these brushes work equally well with creams, liquids, and powders. Prior to my introduction to the technology of Omnia Professional, I felt like most synthetic brushes I used never performed well. Product was constantly slipping or flinging off, and I could never get the proper blend in any area I was applying makeup.”

What top favorites are always in your kit?


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-180

“This is one of my go-to complexion brushes for face and body. It is incredibly soft, but dense enough to move product around the face. The compact kabuki-style design presses in and buffs out product to give an airbrush-like finish. I also love applying skincare products with this brush because it mimics a hand application by covering a good amount of surface area on the skin.”


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-400

“I truly wish I had 400 of these! Honestly, this is my MULTI-PURPOSE Holy Grail brush for concealer and contour products. When it’s laid flat on the skin, I use it to pat and sweep concealer in and around the eye area for the perfect blend. A simple flip and it’s the perfect brush to chisel out contour on the nose and cheeks. Lastly, I love to use this to apply eye primer and pack the main lid color on the eyelid.”


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-110

“The design of the fibers on this brush are what make it the perfect combination of a powder and blush brush. I love that it has shorter, tapered hairs on the outside of the brush that densely deposit color onto the skin. The filaments gradually get longer toward the center of the brush, which allows you to lay down product but prevents you from going overboard. You never have to backpedal with this brush. The ability to blend out any harsh lines is exceptional with this one, so it’s a fabulous all-over finishing brush as well.”


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-265

“This is a major player in my kit, as I use this as both a highlight brush and as a detail touch-up brush on set. It’s the perfect blend of big and small - I like that I can use it as a “last looks” finishing brush in the eye area but it’s also big enough to use on the face for powder touch-ups. I particularly love using it around the nose to take down shine!”


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-430

“This is one of my go-to crease brushes. It takes up the perfect amount of area on the eyelid to lay down and blend out crease colors on any eye shape. Because it is soft to the touch and doesn’t tug on the skin, I also use this brush to buff out concealer creasing in the under eye area.”


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-402

“I adore this brush because of how compact it is. I use this to blend out cream liner and shadows on the upper and lower lash lines. Although the brush is dense, the OmniLux filaments feel so soft and don’t tug or pull, which is essential when working on such delicate skin.”


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-510

“A dual-ended brush will always be a must-have for me, especially when working with brows. I use the brush end to create hair-like strokes in the brows, as well as filling any sparse areas in the brows with powder. The wand is so convenient to quickly brush up brows or tame any facial hair for men’s grooming.”


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-601

“This is the perfect lip brush! It covers the right amount of surface area, whether you lay it flat or turn it sideways. The fibers are dense and firm enough to line the lips too. The 601 also doubles as a fabulous concealer brush - it’s a “must-use” for any blemishes or texture that need to be covered.”

Learn more about Caitlin Eve at her website, or follow her on Instagram.