On Set with MUA Cassie Lyons


How Cassie Lyons Uses OMNIA Professional Every Day

 Artist Favorites On Set with Cassie LyonsArtist Favorites On Set with Cassie Lyons

Cassie Lyons describes herself as a world traveler, a global citizen, a lover of color, and a happy person. She started off in commercial print and fashion/beauty editorial work, but joined the Local 706 union roster and now does primarily tv/film, with the most recent project being Top Gun: Maverick.

Cassie is also a huge fan of OMNIA® brushes - here’s what she had to say about our new collection, OMNIA® Professional:

What’s the best brush for foundation?

I'm a fan of buffing cream products into the skin and the BOM-185 is PERFECT for foundation application, buffing-in and blending edges of dry powder, or cream blush/bronzer. It can be also be used to powder the face and set loose powder or even press in a fuller coverage powder (I guess baking but without the sponge?). 

Cassie’s Pro Tip: Blend, blend, blend! All that contour and highlight and sculpting ain’t fooling anyone if it’s not blended! Gotta have a tight (yes I said tight y’all), dense, and super soft brush like this in your kit!


What is your go-to brush for makeup on set?

I use the BOM-255 every day at work. Every. Day. I’ve been working on a huge film that comes out in 2020 on the big screen, and this brush is used on our actors to apply very minimal character makeup with the most natural light-handed application. A high-quality dual fiber brush is the number one brush for a flawless face! 

Cassie’s Pro Tip: I apply liquid and cream foundations with this brush, but also love to use it for finishing off a look with blush or bronzer. I’ll even pinch the tip of the brush, turn it to its side and sweep a wash of highlight over cheekbones without having to grab a second brush.


Do you have any multi-purpose favorites?

The BOM-445 is a fluffy little brush sent straight from heaven! It is my “go-to” brush for work around the eyes and cheeks because it is so gentle on the most fragile parts of the skin. I can set loose powder under the eye, blend out colors flawlessly on the brow bone, and sweep highlight across the brows and cheeks. It’s not too small, and not too big - If I really want to take the time to sculpt a flawless face, I could get away with just using this brush.

Cassie’s Pro Tip: When you feel like you need to be “extra” but not “beat to the Gods”, slim your face by using this brush to sneak in your favorite contour powder along the jawline and under the cheekbones for natural contouring.


Which brushes do you use in your personal life?

Lately, I’m a minimalist with eye makeup for personal use, but the BOM-471 is always in my personal bag since, at the very least, I love to apply pencil liner and I use this brush to smudge and blend with a bit of eyeshadow on top of the liner. It’s a quick 2-second eye makeup look that I do daily. It’s also a great brush for sculpting the eye with a bit of bronzer on top and bottom for a super natural look, but “done” look.

Cassie’s Pro Tip: Use this brush to drag-and-pull pencil liner away from the eye and upwards to buff and blend your way to a sexy, smoky cat eye.


Another awesome multi-purpose brush that I use daily is the BOM-400! I can buff and set liquid concealer with powder or sculpt and blend a flawless eye makeup 

Cassie’s Pro Tip: I also love to sneak a bit of a light wash of blush across the brow bone with this brush to finalize a look. Also, more often than not I am a one eyeshadow color user so this is the brush to beautifully sweep my favorite eyeshadow across my lid.

You can follow Cassie Lyons on Instagram, or learn more about her work on her IMDB page and her website