Meet OMNIA® Professional


Omnia Professional is the next generation of professional makeup brushes. Every brush is handcrafted to perfection, creating the finest brush possible, exceeding all expectations.

The best way to experience this stellar line of brushes is to start at the base – foundation. We’ve outlined a few of the different types of brushes you can use to achieve any finish or coverage, from dewy and natural to matte and full-coverage.

Keep It Light - BOM-251 and BOM-255 Professional Makeup Brushes


This large duo-fiber style brush stipples powder, cream, or liquid product for a light, airy finish, perfect for those that want natural-looking skin. The BOM-255 has the same fibers but is slightly smaller, perfect for getting into detailed areas of the face. Want heavier coverage? Wait for the first layer of foundation to dry down, then go in with another light layer.

Blended Beauty - BOM-141 Professional Makeup Brush


Symmetrical bristles flare out into a flat top to create the perfect surface for buffing foundation into the skin, leaving a smooth, satin finish. One of our favorite makeup artists, Dominique Lerma, loves this brush as well: “My most coveted brush for an angelic finish. This brush leaves a second-skin like application and its recommended use is for foundations, tinted moisturizers, CC, and BB Creams. Not to mention the bristles feel like a gentle massage on your face, which promotes circulatory benefits.”

Complexion Perfection - BOM-185 Professional Makeup Brush


This smaller, dense, dome-shaped brush meticulously blends complexion makeup into small areas of the face. It provides slightly more concentrated coverage than the BOM-141 but has a similar satin finish. Use with the BOM-448 to blend together foundation, concealer, and contour for an absolutely flawless result.

Foundation Hero - BOM-142 Professional Makeup Brush


This elite, extra-large foundation brush features dense filaments with a curved edge for buildable, medium-to-full coverage. The smooth fibers leave a naturally matte finish and feel super luxurious. Due to its large size, this brush does double-duty and blends makeup as it applies. Combined with a concealer brush (like the BOM-210), you can have your foundation finished in a snap!.

On Point - BOM-206 Professional Makeup Brush


Accurately blend foundation into the skin using this pointed, tapered brush – this style is especially useful around the eyes, nose, and mouth. This baby-soft brush applies foundation with medium-to-full coverage and a matte finish to lock makeup in all day long!

Timeless Classic - BOM-200 Professional Makeup Brush


Smoothly apply makeup with this traditional foundation brush. Because of its paddle shape, this brush can “paint” foundation onto the skin for full coverage and gives a very natural appearance to skin. To avoid streaks, start by applying foundation in the center of the face and stroking outward with the brush. This brush may be an older style, but it’s a timeless classic for a reason - it really works!

Full Throttle - BOM-235 Professional Makeup Brush


This large foundation brush has a straight edge for super precise application of cream or liquid product. For the fullest coverage possible, this brush will be your new best friend! Like the BOM-200, it’s best to start in the center of the face and work outwards, using small strokes. You can even use this brush to help apply stage or Halloween makeup – the straight edge will help keep colors separated and concentrated.