In My Kit - Part II

5 More Minutes with Emmy-Winner Kevin James Bennett

In My Kit - 5 Minutes with Emmy-Winner Kevin James BennetIn My Kit - 5 Minutes with Emmy-Winner Kevin James Bennet

Kevin James Bennett is known throughout the industry as one of the most product-driven, business-focused artists of his generation. Not only is he an Emmy Award winner and an incredibly successful makeup artist, he is also a leader and educator in all aspects of this industry, an inspirational voice, and, without a doubt, one of the most intensive product experts.

Here we explore Kevin’s top Omnia Professional brush picks for the eyes! Read his blog on favorites for the face here.

What do you like most about Omnia Professional?

My obsession with condensing my makeup kit is pretty well known, and I continue this obsession with my makeup brush choices. If a brush doesn't perform multiple tasks, it’s not in my kit. I love the high quality, durability, and thoughtful design of Omnia Professional.

What brushes do the best job of multitasking?


This is my favorite multi-purpose eye makeup brush.  The large paddle-style effortlessly smooths and blends eyeshadows while blurring hard edges. This brush is also perfect for buffing in eyeshadow primer and setting concealer with loose powder.


I multitask with this petite angle brush - a lot.  It's just the right size for creating a precise winged eyeliner and it's ideal for drawing individual hairs to fill in and shape eyebrows.


This small oval brush's fibers are just long enough to remain flexible when packing on foils and glitter. It's also the ideal size and shape to apply details (inner and outer corners) and smudge out the perfect smoky eye.

It’s hard to find a brush that can work well with wet and dry products – any favorites that you use for both?


This brush is a wet/dry wonder. It's perfect for precision concealer application under the eye and for "cutting" a brow with concealer or eyeshadow.


I always use a flat top brush for tight-lining, and this brush works brilliantly wet or dry. Load it with eyeshadow, eye pencil or gel liner, push it into the lash line, give it a wiggle, and you have a perfect, straight, tight line- every time. This brush is also indispensable for the precision application of gel liner to disguise false eyelash bands and any excess glue.

We love a good “insider” tip! How have you used Omnia Professional in unexpected ways?


I prefer an oval, not a pointed, eye makeup brush to apply and blend crease colors. The flat side of the oval allows precise crease application, and by simply rotating the brush a 1/4 turn, I can blend. I also use this brush for patting accent colors or loose pigments into place on the eyelid.


The fibers on this pencil brush are slightly longer than expected, providing a more controlled (and effortless) application and smudging of eyeshadow along the upper and lower lashlines. (P.S. It's perfect for smudging lip liner when applying an ombre lip.)