Hollywood Glam with Melanie Mills

Emmy award-winning celebrity makeup artist Melanie Mills is one of Hollywood’s leading makeup and beauty experts, with over 20 years on Hollywood sets. A master of her craft, she is the winner of three Guild Awards and has multiple Emmy and Guild award nominations. She is an on-camera beauty expert, the author of Glitter & Glam, a makeup educator, and the founder of Melanie Mills Hollywood, which produced the cult-favorite Gleam Face and Body Radiance. Melanie has worked on multiple hit shows and films. Some of her favorites have been: She Spies, Lockdown, Less Than Perfect, Talkshow with Spike Feresten, Six Feet Under, Dancing With The Stars, The Taste, Victorious, and Henry Danger. She is currently head of makeup for the Emmy-winning show The Real Daytime Talk Show, key makeup artist for Nickelodeon’s All That, and part of the makeup team for Carol’s Second Act.


Melanie loves this exclusive collab brush for body makeup and foundation. The Omnilux fibers are smooth and the angle of the brush is perfect for precisely applying makeup, especially around clothing on the body. The striking red hue and tapered handle make this brush a standout in any collection!


This lip brush is Melanie’s choice for applying thick lip glosses that tend to streak or not apply evenly with thinner, pointier lip brushes. The gently rounded & pointed tip is ideal for precision application on delicate lips.


Smaller than a normal crease brush, this pencil-style brush is Melanie’s favorite and is awesome for applying eyeshadow directly to the crease or for detail shadow application on the lid.


For loose powder application, Melanie loves the Precision Blender. It’s large enough to pick up lots of product, but the tapered tip can deposit into detail areas like under the eyes or around the nose. Melanie also likes to use it for blush application.

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