Here Comes the Bride!

Wedding season is in full swing and whether you are a makeup artist doing bridal makeup professionally or a makeup enthusiast doing your own nuptial look, it’s important to have the best tools at your disposal. We’ve outlined a few of our favorite Omnia Professional brushes to help you capture the perfect, soft bridal look for the big day. We also included some fantastic makeup inspiration from makeup artists who use our brushes on every job!

Our Top Recommendations:


For soft bridal makeup, it’s important not to go too heavy on the contour or you risk overwhelming the entire look. The BOM-120 is perfect for powder contour and blending, allowing you to have precise control over the amount of product applied. It can also be used for a light flush of blush or draping bronzer around the outer edges of the face for a soft glow.


Possibly the most important aspect of pretty bridal makeup is the highlight. It can take an otherwise flat, everyday makeup to another dimension and help the bride pop in photos. The BOM-265 may not look like a traditional highlighting fan, but it can deliver a precise and intense glow with its rounded tip. It’s also the perfect size for baking the under eyes with powder!


Romantic, fluttery lashes aren’t always easy to achieve with mascara wands. The BOM-525 makes applying mascara and blending real lashes into falsies a breeze! The small fan shape really helps lift lashes for ultimate volume and curl and prevents clumping.


Make that first kiss perfect by using the BOM-675 to apply lipstick. The unique flat top precisely lines, even in small areas, and fills evenly. Whether you use cream or liquid lipstick, this brush will carve out a flawless lip every single time, even when using bolder colors!