Behind the Scenes with Lizbeth Williamson

Lizbeth Williamson is a celebrity makeup artist who moves seamlessly through many genres, from film, TV, editorial, to red carpet. Yet it is through her passionate devotion to film and TV that she has made her unforgettable mark.

Lizbeth’s ability to get into the mind of a character and define individuals’ unique, physical appearances has led to many notable collaborations on film and on TV. Creating iconic makeup imagery is her passion. She has been fortunate to work on some memorable pop culture projects, including Sons of Anarchy, Twin Peaks, and Gattaca, among others.

Currently, she is the makeup department head on the new FOX comedy Call Me Kat. Lizbeth is represented globally by CloutierRemix.


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-09

"An essential tool in any pro makeup artist’s kit is a good concealer brush! BOM-09 in beautiful rose gold is soft enough to use around the delicate eye area, yet its contoured shape makes it precise enough to reach the inner eye corners by the nose. This is an area often neglected when concealing and really brightens up the eye. I also like to conceal any under-eye swelling just below the puffiness. This particular brush with its tapered shape allows you to conceal and lightly blend upwards to disguise any under-eye vulnerability. While you have it in your hand, get the areas around the nose, another neglected area. This brush is a workhorse! "


"It all starts with the skin! That being said, I use BOM-200 to apply serums or primer before foundation application. I also love using this brush for liquid and cream foundations. The tapering allows precision application and ease of blending. I rarely use just one foundation color on a client. Most people aren’t just one “out of the bottle” shade. I can easily mix the colors on my palette with this brush to create just the right customized shade."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-120

"I use this brush for precision powdering. I love a glow to the skin but don’t want an all-over shine that may appear oily. BOM-120 is soft on the skin yet picks up product and dispenses it exactly where I want it. I can easily target the areas for matte skin and leave the natural glow."


OMNIA® Professional - BOM-195

"A staple in my kit for contouring under the chin with matte powder bronzer, for that 10 years younger, ten pounds thinner look! Also, you can contour down the sides of the nose and under cheekbones with BOM-195, making sure to blend out any harsh lines."


"I love a pop of color! Blush brings a state of health and happiness to the face. This brush with its angled taper is just right for detailed application on the apple of the cheek, then blending out. Additionally, this angled brush is handy for contouring under the chin line and blending down the neck. BOM-33 can also be used to add a bit of subtly blended highlighting on the top of cheekbones."


"This is my go-to eyeliner brush! Honestly, I have several of these in my kit. It is a larger more generous brush than most eyeliner brushes, yet the finely tapered tip means I can create a precise line. I love BOM-485 for gel liners whether it’s a sharp cat eye or just liner hugging the lash line. I grab for this brush, to get the desired thickness and precision in liner application. I create a cat eye in three steps. First, from the inner eye corner to the very end of the eyelid. Then, from under the eye, line gently upwards past the corner of the upper eye. Lastly, from that liner ending, brush liner inwards making the perfect cat eye wing."


"To create a smokey eye with ease, this is the best brush to use! Lay down a line at the very base of lashes with a pencil or gel liner first. I then add an eyeshadow on top to set, just as you would use powder over foundation to set. For a smokey look starting from just past the inner corner of the eyelid apply shadow blending across the lid and up a bit at the outer corner. Blend well. Uses the same technique under the eye. From just past the inner corner blend shadow under the eye to the outside corner."


"Beautifully groomed eyebrows as you may have observed, are taking center stage these days as a focal frame for the eyes. I love BOM-510 for first, brushing brows into the desired shape and then using the slanted side to apply gel pigments or powders to create fuller, thicker brows. As a dual tool, I use the wand side to brush through lashes before mascara application too - it’s very helpful to brush and straighten out lash extensions when they go awry."

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