OMNIA® Artists Lijha Stewart and Yvonne MacInnis

Lijha Stewart and Yvonne MacInnis are queer-identifying makeup artists, educators, content creators, and wives. An advocate for ethics and inclusion in beauty spaces, Yvonne combines masterful beauty work with her flair for using color and texture in unconventional ways. And Lijha, known for her eye for detail and unique approach to makeup artistry, takes inspiration from the world around her to create makeup art with a queer point of view that advances the industry. They have combined forces (in life and work) to share their passion for makeup artistry with a desire to push beauty inclusivity forward. With over two decades of industry experience, their work is focused on authentic storytelling with professional education and artistry infused in every piece of content they create.

"Together we are the Lipstick Queers. A community that is driven by art, acceptance, unconventional beauty, body positivity, and most importantly: INCLUSION. Our community is your community—to feel love, to know you are special, excepted, and FABULOUS just the way you are!”

This year, Lijha and Yvonne are featured as models in the New York City PRIDE Campaign, as well as highlighted as makeup artists and wives for multiple makeup and beauty campaigns coming up in JUNE including O/S Beauty and Makeup for The Dragon Sisters Collaboration with Danessa Myricks PRIDE Chrome Flakes Launch.

Shop Lijha and Yvonne's Bundle


OMNIA® Professional BOM-180

"This is like a beauty blender on a stick! It helps to blend lightning-fast complexion, cream contour, highlight, blush, and so much more!"


OMNIA® Professional BOM-225

"You haven’t seen a professional lipstick application until you’ve seen Lijha paint a lip in four swipes using this brush! We also love this for cream and waterproof products on the eyes or for details in bodypainting and large line work."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-270

"From concealer, to highlight, to powdering the t-zone or creating an all-over wash of color, this brush does it all! It creates the perfect editorial swipes with creams and water-based products."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-435

"Smudge and detail—every detail in DETAIL. Virgos love this brush and with good reason!"


OMNIA® Professional BOM-487

"Two words: Winged Eyeliner. That brush will make you feel like Picasso."


OMNIA® Professional BOM-445

"Blendy McBlenderson! Soften all the edges except your bold attitude with this perfect shadow blender brush!"


OMNIA® Professional BOM-275

"Bouncy blush & beautifully blended color. The 275 is perfect for creative washes and superior blending!"

To learn more about Lijha and Yvonne, follow them on Instagram or check out Lijha and Yvonne's individual accounts!